Monitoring + Analytics = Monalytic

We deliver easily accessible, real-time IT operations and performance insights to businesses that do not have the internal technical staff or resources to do so. Whether you’ve already chosen and invested in a software, or are still researching the right solution for your organization, the fact is this. It’s not going to do the heavy-lifting for you. We will.

Our Pledge

We’re committed to upholding exacting standards, working with honesty and integrity, and managing the best interests of customers, employees, communities and stockholders based on our continual pursuit of operational excellence.

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Our Team

Meet our experienced team members with with the knowledge and industry experience to help solve your problems, extract those insights, and make your life easier.

Trevor Scruggs


Providing IT systems and professional services support to Government and commercial customers for over 20 years. So old his first IT project was on an Apple II in BASIC. A U.S. Navy veteran with an MBA…sounds dangerous.

Patrick Cates


Oversees the company’s financial strategy and strategic business functions.  An avid entrepreneur and caffeine enthusiast, he has spent over two decades breathing life into several successful start-ups.  Just don’t mess with his coffee cup.

Matthew Hall


Part geek, part outdoor enthusiast, part foodie, part leader, part dreamer….a lot of parts.  He’s been working to find technical solutions for commercial and government enterprises for two decades and has traveled the world doing so.  He’s also a CCIE, but doesn’t think it’s a big enough deal to mention here.