SolarWinds Training

Whether you’ve enlisted us to do some project-based services which include a training requirement, or you simply want to get your staff up to speed on leveraging the power of SolarWinds, Monalytic can provide the training you need to maximize your investment.


We offer three key types of SolarWinds training:

  1. On the Job (OTJ) Training – Our certified SolarWinds experts will train your staff on your own system, utilizing the specific scenarios they’ll actually be using on a day-to-day basis. This is our most popular training method.
  2. Technical Training – This more formal training will provide a detailed and systematic walk through of SolarWinds and its features in a classroom setting, as well as lab time to put employees newly-learned skills to the test.
  3. Custom Training – Sometimes, our customers request customized training on specific SolarWinds advanced features or tasks, such as building a custom report or setting up a new dashboard. Our experts can focus in on what you need to know.

A staff well-trained in SolarWinds can make a huge difference in getting the most out of your investment. If you’re interested in having our SolarWinds experts train your team, let’s talk.

Our Process

We’ll meet with you to determine your specific needs, scope out our level of engagement, define goals and discuss our action plan. Once we start, we’re dedicated to keeping all stakeholders on the same page by providing daily updates – coordinating activities, scheduling tasks, and providing project management. You’ll always have complete transparency into your project.

Ready to get started? If your business needs help getting the most out of Solar Winds, we’re here for you.

Let's talk.