Project-Based Services

Monalytic provides expert help and project-based services to the businesses that don’t have the time, resources or expertise to dedicate to implementing, managing and customizing SolarWinds.


Typically, we serve organizations with one of the following scenarios:

  1. The company has purchased SolarWinds but hasn’t set it up yet or doesn’t feel like it’s been implemented according to best practices.
  2. The company has SolarWinds installed and operational but they need help getting it to do custom, organization-specific tasks.

Our team of experts can:

  • Install SolarWinds
  • Implement within network architecture and across devices
  • Integrate with organizational software, ticketing systems & other in-house systems
  • Customize the way the company can view data, group and manage devices & coordinate with operational processes
  • Create custom scripting to pull and analyze specific information
  • Pull data from multiple data points/multiple locations
  • Build custom dashboards, reports, datasets, set up alerts, etc.
  • Provide server/network monitoring and analysis
  • And much more

Our Process

We’ll meet with you to determine your specific needs, scope out our level of engagement, define goals and discuss our action plan. Once we start, we’re dedicated to keeping all stakeholders on the same page by providing daily updates – coordinating activities, scheduling tasks, and providing project management. You’ll always have complete transparency into your project.

Ready to get started? If your business needs help getting the most out of Solar Winds, we’re here for you.

Let's talk.