Deploying a SolarWinds QoE Network Packet Analysis Sensor

Monalytic offers a quick and easy walk-through on deploying SolarWinds Quality of Experience (QoE) Network Packet Analysis Sensors.

  • Common Misconceptions
  • QoE Explained
  • Creating QoE Filters
  • New Feature for QoE 2.0

Common Misconceptions

A common issue or misunderstanding is how the network sensor on a span port works.Quality of Experience is there to check server service quality, not to “spy” on the whole network.

You will need to add, into Orion, every single node and its applications you want to trace under the network sensor.

Another frequent misconception is when spanning a network port it tracks all communication going through the network sensor. That is not what Quality of Experience was built for, although that’s what serval of us originally thought.

QoE Explained

A Quality of Experience sensor will get packet source or destination and tries to match these addresses against defined rules (nodes IP addresses and applications defined for them).

If there is no matching rule, the packet is ignored. Because you are receiving zeroes for applications defined, one can only say that sensor is working (sending data) so the problem is in nodes/applications and/or network interface settings.

Creating QoE Filters

  1. From Settings/All Settings > Product Specific Settings > QoE Settings > Manage QoE Applications

  2. Select Add New and Choose Between Pre-configured or New HTTP Application.

    *Example shows pre-configured application setup
  3. Search for Application to Filter for QoE
  4. Set Application Properties Settings
  5. Select Nodes for QoE Monitoring
  6. Node(s) Selected for QoE Monitoring
  7. Summary – Verify and Finish

New Feature

There is a new feature called node/application discovery in Quality of Experience 2.0 (part of NPM 11.5 or SAM 6.2). With default settings, the network sensor (and also the server sensor) will automatically add new nodes and applications from anything SolarWinds finds (maximum 50 nodes and 1000 apps per node).

  • Nodes must be already managed by Orion server (added in node management manually or via sonar discovery).
  • This feature is there to save time with initial setup and can easily detect any unwanted activity on network.

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